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Are you interested in working at Ascent Onsite Services? We would love to hear from you and discover if we’re a great fit for your skills set.

Work For Us | JimPatrick Munupe, Director, would like to tell you why working for Ascent Onsite Services is so great.

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JimPatrick Munupe, Director, would like to tell you why working for Ascent Onsite Services is so great.

Why not Ascent – we can provide a fantastic job that rewards you as well as acknowledges you’re worth.

We fully understand that our business will only grow to the level of its leadership and employees. So we know the importance of taking care of employees, as well as to guarantee we exercise what we teach, we provide exciting, progressive roles in a positive environment. If you’re prepared to work together with similar people while increasing your long-lasting career outlook, Ascent Onsite Services is for you.

Since 2020, we’ve supplied the building and construction industry with employees all over the UK. If you’re prepared for your next challenge, possibly you can play a critical role in the next phase of our development.

Ascent Onsite Services isn't your typical construction services contractor. We specialise in what we do and do not act like a corporate business, but a family; what makes us stand out is how we run our business and manage our clients and employees.

We apply our specialist knowledge to every project, which ensures us we have a favourable influence on everybody we collaborate with. We’d like for you to join the Ascent team, also we’re keen to help you develop your occupation at a rate that best complements your capabilities.

We’re always on a lookout for individuals that infuse energy and excitement into every little thing we do. Ours is a workplace that provides all the support you need to get to and also surpass your goals. If you feel you’re a good fit for us and would love to be part of Ascent team, we ‘d love to hear from you.

We Believe Together We’re Capable of Doing Amazing Things!

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To discuss our latest opportunities and next big career move, simply send your CV via email or call in asking for to JimPatrick Munupe

Why Choose Us
Ascent Onsite Services

Because we always endeavour to be:

  • Pioneering within the industry
  • Impeccably professional
  • Approachable and caring
  • Tenacious in the pursuit of our goals
  • Efficient in the provision of our services
  • Passionate about our work that makes a difference

Our Vision

Our vision is the develop Ascent Onsite Services into the leading technological onsite services provider in the United Kingdom, without exception.


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